Thoughts on catfishing. I find the act of posing as a random individual to gain love sex and or attention is deplorable. I currently administrate this account with complete anonymity for education purposes and nothing more. Similarly for those that fall for transgender people, i do not feel bad for those that get trolled on their pursuit of love. If you click on internet ads you probably shouldn’t be online, if you reply to spam emails with personal information you probably shouldn’t be online, and if you still type WWW. Before entering your web address you probably shouldn’t be online unsupervised and if you fall in love on a online chat room you definitely have been online way to long. Im not sure who irritates me more those that pose as random people or those that truly believe a drop dead gorgeous girl all of a sudden finds them interesting. The amount of self awareness a person must lack to believe Beyonce Dm’d them is fucking hilarious. Catfishing is simply Gullible Vs Desperate and according to the show some of the people that are catfished are so desperate they end up dating the person that played them anyways 😂. I was always against online dating simply because its just felt silly but people take it as far as sending money, nudes and all sorts of ridiculous shit to someone that doesn’t exist. If you can fall in love with someone that doesn’t video chat you, call you or plan on meeting you in person then deep down do you even care if the person is real. You have to be extremely gullible to fall in love online and it takes a certain level of desperation to pose as someone that isnt you. . –


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